CineStill Film Cr6 Color & Reversal 2-in-1 Slide Solution for 16+ Rolls

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• 2-in-1 reversal and color developer bath
• Reusable solution capacity of 16+ rolls (135/120), 64+ sheets (4×5), or 100 feet (35mm) of film
• Flexible temperature range of 80-104°f (27-40°C)
• 6 min process time is minimum for completion
• High D-max for inky blacks and rich color separation
• Vibrant color rendering
• Image archivability for at least 80 years
• Easily mixed 2-part liquid concentrate

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The Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process makes complicated chemistry simplified alchemy! CineStill is proud to introduce the Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process for color-timing E-6 reversal film, creating three new distinct slide film results – the true wonder of slide film unlocked! This process illuminates unique color profiles never before seen on slide film, effectively turning the true standard into 3 totally different films.

The number of processing baths for E-6 film is reduced from 6 to 3. The reversal step occurs during color development in a Color&Reversal bath, and the bleach and conditioner steps are combined with the fixing step in a Bleaches&Fixer bath. Color-timing is performed with alternative 1st Developers to achieve full creative control of your slides. With the Cs6 process, the reversal step occurs during color development in our Cr6 “Color&Reversal” bath, which comes in a 1000ml reusable solution capable of reversing 16+ rolls of developed slide film. Stock > 6min @ 80 -104°F (27-40°C).

Intended to be used with the D6, T6, or D9 1st Developers and the Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” 3-in-1 Slide Solution.


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