Sigma MC-31 Mount Converter/Lens Adapter (PL-Mount Lenses to L-Mount Camera)

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  • Allows PL-Mount lenses to be used with L-Mount cameras such as the Sigma fp
  • Shim adjustments on both sides
  • All Metal Constructions 
  • Tripod Socket
  • Secure lens mounting
  • Luminous paint on upper part markings

The Sigma MC-31 Mount Converter enables the use of PL-mount cine lenses on L-mount camera bodies. This lens adapter features a reinforced aluminum alloy construction, with brass mounts, for high durability and rigidity to support larger, heavier lenses. A removable tripod support foot also helps to stabilize the camera-lens system and the adapter’s design permits removing the screw thread, and releasing the stopper of the locking ring, in order to safely attach PL lenses that require tighter mounting than the M-31’s native specifications. The adapter also has shim adjustments on two points of the mount, and an L-mount shim kit is included, for adjusting on either the camera or lens side of the adapter. Additionally, matching the exterior design of Sigma’s own PL-mount cine lenses, luminous paint is used for external markings for easier visibility in low-light conditions.


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