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About Us

About Us

Oh hey there.

So we’re not big fans about talking about ourselves and for that… yeah this page is gonna be a little time coming.

Meanwhile, you’re always welcome to stop on by and meet the real people running the show and doing the work. We love company, it’s better than talking to a wall all day.

Most of our business comes from good old fashioned word of mouth. Which means you may have heard, well hopefully, good things about us on that there Facebook site or from some friends of yours. Friends are awesome, we love your friends because they must love what we did for them and they told you about us. So cool!

But seriously, someday, maybe… we might just put something more here.


Peace & Love,

Your Black Lab Imaging Crew


P.S. – Yes, there was a black lab and his name was Fitz. He belonged to the owner Robert (Bob) Heil. He got him as a puppy, delivered news papers with him and loved him till his passing in 2013 at the grand o’l age of 16.5 years. 


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