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Adox D-76 Film Developer (Powder, Makes 1L)


  • Powder Black & White Film Developer
  • Updated Formula
  • Improved Solubility
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Dust-Free Mixing
  • Full Film Speed and Normal Contrast
  • Fine Grain and Good Shadow Detail
  • Suitable for Push Processing

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Adox D-76 Film Developer (Powder, Makes 1L) Overview

ADOX D-76 is a universal, easy-to-use developer with a multitude of applications across all types of films and lighting situations, consistently delivering fine grain and great exposure. It takes the classic formula developed by Kodak, bringing it up to the modern standards while keeping all the important original properties and developing times. Designed to be more environmentally friendly and safer for the user, solubility has been improved so that it can now be used from 80°F and the borates have been replaced with a non-toxic, biodegradable buffer. The ADOX D-76 powder developer is made in Germany, with both research and post-production quality control done on site. This pack can be mixed to make 1L of liquid developer.

  • A new biodegradable complexing agent has been added. It can be mixed with regular tap water
  • ADOX proprietary technology ensures that the powder dissolves faster and does not create dust on the batch
  • It is soluble from 80°F, so that less cooling is required after the batch.  This improvement is particularly relevant for warmer areas
  • Working solution capacity estimated at 10-16 35mm rolls
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