AgfaPhoto APX 400 Professional Black and White Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures)

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  • Panchromatic B&W Negative Film
  • ISO 400/27° in Standard Process
  • Fine Grain and Sharpness
  • High Resolving Power and Contrast

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AgfaPhoto’s APX 400 Professional Black and White Negative Film is a high speed black and white film for producing prints using a traditional black and white printing process. The film exhibits a high nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° and can effectively be pushed to ISO 1600/33° for use in low-light conditions and with fast-moving subjects.

Standard development in black and white chemistry yields a fine grain texture with high resolution and tonal latitude. The film also responds to push and pull development; however testing is recommended prior to shooting.

This item is a 36-exposure roll of 35mm (135) film.

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Weight .075 lbs
Dimensions 2.35 × 1.5 × 1.4 in
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