Ilford Ilfosol-3 Film Developer for Black and White Film (500ml)

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  • Fine Grain
  • Optical Sharpness

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Ilfosol-3 Film Developer¬†is an enhanced, one-shot updated version of Ilford’s Ilfosol-S. It has been created to suit the needs of photographers who prefer to use slower speed films such as Pan-F, FP4 Plus and Delta 100 Professional.

This is a fine grain and ultra sharp developer when used with films processed at full speed. However, you may use it at a 1:14 dilution for other films with only a minimal loss of image quality. It is supplied as a concentrate in economical 500ml bottles and is diluted (typically at a ratio of 1:9) for one-shot use.


Not recommended when using re-use techniques or replenishment systems

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6.8 × 2.85 × 2.15 in


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