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Sakar 27M Flash


  • AA Batteries
  • Tested and working
  • Clean condition
  • Standard hot shoe
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Sakar 27M Flash Overview

The Sakar 27M manual flash has a variety of features that will appeal to photographers of every level. Powered by 4 AA batteries, and with a durable construction that can withstand minor bumps and falls, the Sakar 27M is an ideal flash for outdoor photography. The fast recycle time included on this Sakar flash enables users to quickly take a multitude of shots in search of the perfect image. The majority of features on the Sakar flash are manual, with highlights such as a vertical bounce flash that lets the photographer take control of lighting to produce a soft glow rather than a direct blast of light. The manual flash settings on the Sakar 27M will allow novice photographers to learn about the variety of photography options, while the more experienced user will appreciate the ability for personal favorite settings to enhance their final product.

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