Kodak High Definition 135-24 400 Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO-400)

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  • ISO 400
  • 24 exposure
  • Expired 2005 – Vintage Film

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Kodak High Definition 400 Film is the world’s finest grain 400-speed color print film. It provides a unique balance of fine grain, sharpness, color reproduction, and contrast to yield results with excellent clarity and enlargement capability. This multi-purpose film is designed for exposure with daylight or electronic flash. You can also obtain pleasing results under most existing-light sources without filters.

Brings state-of-the-art technology to 35mm for superior grain in the 400-speed class
Satisfactory negatives result from exposures 2 stops under to 3 stops over the correct exposure
High sharpness, resolution, and fine grain allow a high degree of enlargement
Intended for use with Kodak Ektacolor papers
Produces more consistent high-color results from overexposures
Emulsion has superior resistance to damaging scratches
Produces optimized skin tones in people pictures


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