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Adox Adostab II Sistan Image Stabilizer with Wetting Agent (500mL)



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Adox Adostab II Sistan Image Stabilizer with Wetting Agent (500mL) Overview

Adolux Adostab II is an Image stabilizer and wetting agent. Can be used as a Sistan replacement (Sistan formulary). It has the same active ingredient, but we recalibrated the proportions to achieve an improved archival effect. Images treated with ADOSTAB undergo a slight increase in density but do not change in color (unlike selenium toning).

The active ingredient capsulates the silver grains like selenium and makes it more stable against UV light and harmful environmental influences. Apply ADOSTAB like a wetting agent for 120 sec. There is no need to wash the print or film after use. Wipe, dry and you´re done. It remains in the emulsion and thus stabilizes the prints.

Only use ADOSTAB directly at the final bath of the process on well-fixed and well washed prints. ADOSTAB is not a wash-aid. Like any other toner it will create marks and spots on not well fixed/washed images.

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