CineStill Film D9 DynamicChrome 1st Developer Powder (8-16 Rolls)

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• Extended exposure latitude, provides approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic-range*!
• Preserved highlight and shadow detail
• Rich-tones for a more cinematic look
• Renders slightly warm-tones in daylight, shade or with electronic flash
• Optimized for scanning
• 1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of working solution (diluted 1+1 with water)
• Single-use solution has a capacity of up to 16 rolls (135/120), 32-64 sheets (4×5), or 100 feet (35mm) of film
• Easily mixed powder concentrate
• Image archivability for at least 80 years

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D9 “DynamicChrome” Warm-tone 1st Developer is one of the 1st developer options for the Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process. The world’s most flexible 1st developer for slide film, it enders approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic range, compared to approximately 6 stops with conventional E-6 processing! Photographers can choose between 2 dilutions, 1+1 Dilution for warm-tone slides with 2+ stops of extended dynamic range, or 1+2 Dilution for 2 more stops of highlight latitude without a warming effect.

D9 is perfect for high contrast scenes and is optimized for scanning. 1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of single-use working solution (1+1 dilution) to develop up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide film. 1+1 Dilution 9min @104°F (40°C). Intended to be used with the Cr6 “Color&Reversal” 2-in-1 Slide Solution and the Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” 3- in-1 Slide Solution for the full 3-bath Cs6 process.


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