CineStill Film JOBO DUO Film Processing Kit

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Kit Includes:
• JOBO 1520 daylight developing tank with 2 reels (to process 2 rolls of 35mm or 120 at once)
• TCS-1000 “Temperature Control System” (120V)
• 2x 1000ml mixing pitchers
• 2x Accordion chemistry storage bottles
• Cs41 “Color Simplified” 2-bath color processing kit
• Df96 Monobath: Ready-To-Use (530ml for 8+ rolls) or Powder Chemistry (to make 1000ml for 16+ rolls)
• Wide-Mouth Bottle (Powder Chemistry Kit Only)

• Mixer/Thermostat/Timer
• Double-roll tank capacity
• Dual-format (35mm/120) capability
• 2-bath (color negative) process
• Monobath (B&W) process
• Chemistry processes 40+ rolls

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With the JOBO DUO Film Processing KitCineStill combine their tried and tested Df96 B&W Monobath with JOBO’s film developing tools to make a simple, straightforward film processing experience that everyone can enjoy.

Jobo 1520 UniTank with 1501 Reel

Suitable for processing up to two rolls of 35mm or 120, the Jobo 1520 UniTank is a plastic daylight tank, which includes one multi-format 1501 reel. The tank is suitable for inversion/manual processing, includes an inversion-type lid, and requires 485mL of chemistry for development. Alternatively, it can also be used in conjunction with an optional processing machine for rotation-type development, where it requires 240mL of chemistry and an optional cog-style lid. It features a modular design and is compatible with the optional 1530 module to increase its capacity to accept additional reels.

CineStill Film °Cs Temperature Control System TCS-1000

Helping to regulate, heat, mix, and circulate chemistry, the °Cs Temperature Control System TCS-1000 from Cinestill is an immersion circulator/thermostat, which has been designed specifically for film processing needs. Suitable for C-41, E-6, and black and white chemistries, the TCS-1000 uses a PTC heating element to achieve consistently accurate chemistry or water bath temperatures necessary for film processing. A brushless DC motor and molded polymer impeller also help to circulate up to 20L of chemistry to achieve consistent temperature control baths to suit both developing and blix/fix processes. The TCS-1000’s intuitive design incorporates an LCD to display temperature readings as well as a two-stage processing timer. Additionally, a universal bottle holder is included to keep chemistry bottles upright during processing and it also features a built-in clip for secure attachment to mixing vessels and control bath tubs.


  • Intuitive interface incorporates an LCD to show the solution’s current temperature, target temperature, and a two-stage timer for developer and blix/fix. Adjustments to target temperature and timer settings can be made using the adjustment wheel and set button.
  • Two-stage timer has presets for C-41 and E-6 or can be manually adjusted depending on the chemistry used or for black and white processing. Time is displayed in minutes and seconds.
  • Adjustable temperature control from 32-203°F / 0-95°C (+/- 0.1°C). When used in a temperature control bath between 1-20L, consistent temperatures to within +/- 1°C can be achieved.
  • Simple toggling between °F and °C settings.
  • Rear clip permits direct attachment to mixing vessels or temperature control bath tubs.
  • Design incorporates a PTC heating element, brushless DC motor, and a molded polymer impeller within a durable stainless steel housing.
  • Brushless DC motor offers fast speeds and low noise without giving off heat during processing, making it suitable for lower temperature processing. It has a life cycle of over 4000 working hours.
  • Molded polymer impeller has a maximum circulation capacity of 20L.
  • Requires at least 1000W to be powered correctly; a dedicated circuit/its own 120 VAC/60 Hz power outlet is recommended during use. This TCS-1000 has a US-style power plug.
  • Ground protection and protection sensors for temperature/overheating and water level.

Temperature Control Bath

Helping to achieve a constant and stable temperature for the entire developing process, the TCS-1000 can be used to regulate a precise temperature control bath. This is ideal for color film development as the temperature of the chemistry must be accurate and consistent throughout the process.

The included universal bottle holder attaches to the body of the TCS-1000 and can hold two separate 1000mL storage bottles, including collapsible/accordion-style jugs, Jobo bottles, and other similar designs. This holder keeps the bottles upright during processing and is suitable for temperature control baths in sinks, tubs, or basins with an ideal size of at least 16 x 12 x 7″.

Mixing and Heating Chemistry

When working with the optional °Cs 1000mL mixing jug or similar vessel, the TCS-1000 can be placed into the jug along with the measured water and then be used to accurately heat and circulate the water while adding powdered chemicals to create a properly mixed solution. This enables getting the solution up to the correct temperature within seconds with no mess, spilling, or oxidation.

CineStill Film °Cs 1000mL Mixing Jug/Pitcher

Intended for use with the Cinestill °Cs Temperature Control System TCS-1000, this °Cs 1000mL Mixing Jug/Pitcher is a simple vessel for mixing chemistry. While ideal for use in conjunction with the TCS-1000 and the Cs41 C-41 chemistry kit, due to its inclusion of specific developer and blix marking lines, it also has graduated measurements in mL and oz for any mixing need.

CineStill Film CS Collapsible Air Reduction Accordion Storage Bottle (1000mL)

The 1000mL CS Collapsible Air Reduction Accordion Storage Bottle from CineStill Film is a bottle for mixing photographic chemicals. The self contained system offers an opaque plastic design for storing darkroom chemistries that are sensitive to light and air. Chemicals stored in the bottle last longer when compared to conventional bottles. Conveniently, the accordion-like bottle with screw-on cap can be compressed allowing the volume of the bottle to be adapted to match the amount of liquid in it, which reduces the risk of oxidation.

Collapsible bottle for photographic chemicals
Chemicals stored in the bottle last longer when compared to conventional bottles
Accordion-like bottle with screw-on cap can be compressed allowing the volume of the bottle to be adapted to match the amount of liquid in it, which reduces the risk of oxidation
Opaque plastic designed for storing darkroom chemistries that are sensitive to light and air

CineStill Film DF96 Monobath for Black & White Film (Liquid, 1L)

Simplifying film development, DF96 from Cinestill is a monobath, self-completing chemistry for use with nearly all black & white film types. Rather than traditional multi-bath processes, with separate developer and fixer chemistries, DF96 is an all-in-one, single-step solution to fully process film in approximately three minutes. DF96 also requires no dilution and is reusable for developing at least 16 rolls of film per liter of chemistry.

As a developer, DF96 is akin to D96 developer and yields a smooth grain structure and tonal curve. Different from D96, though, DF96 requires no subsequent stop bath or fixer; its own fixing capabilities render fully archival results and longer overall processing times will not affect development. Beyond the ease of a single-bath design, DF96 is also meant to be used at room temperature (70-80°F) with development times ranging from six to three minutes for normal results with most films. Push and pull development is possible by adjusting the temperature. Additionally, tabular grain films (such as T-Max and Delta) are also supported, however require twice-as-long processing in order to remove the film’s stain during fixing.

This 1L of liquid monobath working solution and has a shelf life of approximately one year.

CineStill Film Cs41 Powder Developing Kit for C-41 Color Film

The Cs41 Powder Developing Kit from Cinestill is designed for processing your own C-41 chemistry, color film at home. It includes two chemistry bath processing mixtures that makes 33.8 fl oz, to process approximately eight rolls of 35mm x 36 exp. or 120 film. It can be used at a variety of temperatures with the same equipment you already process your black and white film with at home. This powder is designed to be used with water, a thermometer, and a simple developing tank (available separately).

Easy to mix powder chemicals to make one quart
Flexible processing temperatures
Quick reference card for processing times
Push/pull processing instructions included
Process up to 10 rolls at a time
Instructions for machine processors and hand processing included
Long lasting shelf life with 3-part Developer and Blix mixtures
Fully archival

CineStill Film Filter Funnel with Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Made from durable polyethylene and including a mesh filter made from stainless steel, this straightforward Filter Funnel from Cinestill is ideal to keep out particulate contaminants from photographic chemistry. It is intended to be used with the CineStill Wide Mouth Storage bottle but it can fit into narrower chemistry bottles as well thanks to its tapering stem. The stainless steel sieve can be easily removed for cleaning.

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