CineStill Film JOBO DUO Film Processing Kit

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Kit Includes:
• JOBO 1520 daylight developing tank with 2 reels (to process 2 rolls of 35mm or 120 at once)
• TCS-1000 “Temperature Control System” (120V)
• 2x 1000ml mixing pitchers
• 2x Accordion chemistry storage bottles
• Cs41 “Color Simplified” 2-bath color processing kit
• Df96 Monobath: Ready-To-Use (530ml for 8+ rolls) or Powder Chemistry (to make 1000ml for 16+ rolls)
• Wide-Mouth Bottle (Powder Chemistry Kit Only)

• Mixer/Thermostat/Timer
• Double-roll tank capacity
• Dual-format (35mm/120) capability
• 2-bath (color negative) process
• Monobath (B&W) process
• Chemistry processes 40+ rolls

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Multi-purpose system for processing 35mm & 120 B&W/color film at home.

CineStill has partnered with JOBO, the industry leader in film processing tools, to provide the best complete processing kits with everything you need to process film at home. If you are wanting to get serious about home developing, this is the kit for you! The JOBO DUO Film Processing Kit makes processing color film at home easier and more affordable than ever! Our Cs41 “Color Simplified” color chemistry, paired with our brand new TCS-1000 temperature control system, makes handling color chemistry and temperature control a breeze. With this kit, processing color film is even simpler and faster than traditional black and white processing! Well… with the exception of our Df96 Monobath single-step solution.


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