CineStill Film JOBO MONO Film Processing Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • 3080 1510 daylight developing tank with reel D096
  • Monobath Liquid (ready-to-use 530ml for 8+ rollas) or Powder (to make 1000ml for 16 rolls)
  • Funnel with Stainless Steel Filter (Liquid Kit) or Wide Mauth Bottle (Powder Kit)



  • Single toll tank capacity
  • Inversion Agitation / Rotary Processing
  • Fits One 35mm Roll
  • Single-Step B&W Process
  • Light Sealed, Daylight Tank

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Single-step solution for processing 35mm B&W film at home!

CineStill has partnered with JOBO, the industry leader in film processing tools to provide the best complete processing kits with everything you need to process film at home. If you are wanting to get serious about home developing, this is the kit for you!

The JOBO MONO Film Processing Kit is the easiest and most economical starter kit you will find for getting into traditional black and white film photography for the first time, and at an unbeatable price! It’s sure to get you hooked!


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