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FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Black)


  • 40.2MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS 5 HR Sensor
  • X-Processor 5 Image Processor
  • Fujinon 23mm f/2 Lens
  • 35mm Full-Frame Equivalent
  • 6-Stop In-Body Image Stabilization
  • 425-Point Intelligent Hybrid AF System
  • Hybrid 0.66x OVF with 3.69m-Dot OLED EVF
  • 3.0″ 1.62m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 20 Film Simulation Modes with REALA ACE
Camera Color: Black
  • FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Black)
  • FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Silver)

Availability: Available on backorder

FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Black) Overview

Introducing the FUJIFILM X100VI Mirrorless Camera: A Symphony of Elegance and Innovation. The FUJIFILM X100VI emerges as a masterpiece, harmonizing the nostalgic charm of rangefinder aesthetics with the pinnacle of modern photographic technology. This latest iteration not only perfects the revered retro design but also infuses it with a powerhouse of features, making it the quintessential companion for those who see the extraordinary in the everyday.

At the heart of the X100VI lies the revolutionary 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor, paired impeccably with the X-Processor 5. This dynamic duo ushers in a new era of image quality, blending high resolution with an impeccable signal-to-noise ratio. The sensor’s refined architecture maximizes light absorption, while the processor, with its 64-bit architecture, delivers triple the speed in image processing. Together, they ensure breathtakingly fast performance, expansive dynamic range, and unparalleled photo quality across all ISO levels.

Venture into the world of cinematic excellence with the X100VI’s formidable video capabilities. Record stunningly detailed movies internally at up to 6.2K 30p in 10-bit color or revel in the superior 4K output through the 4K HQ mode, which masterfully oversamples 6.2K footage. For those seeking even more dynamism, high frame rate options at 4K 60p or FHD 240p are readily available.

The X100VI marks a milestone as the first in its lineage to feature in-body image stabilization (IBIS). The five-axis sensor-shift IBIS combats camera shake up to six stops, ensuring your creative vision remains steady even in the most challenging conditions. Complemented by an enhanced autofocus system that leverages 425 phase-detection points and an AI-driven adaptive algorithm, the camera promises to capture the ephemeral moments with precision and grace.

Built with the agile street photographer in mind, the X100VI is primed for action. Its rapid shutter speeds, up to 1/180,000 sec electronically and 1/4000 sec mechanically, freeze moments in time with impeccable clarity. Continuous shooting modes further empower you to capture up to 20 fps with the electronic shutter, ensuring no moment is beyond your reach.

The camera’s Fujinon 23mm f/2 lens has been meticulously updated to deliver sharpness and clarity by minimizing aberrations and distortion. Its 35mm equivalent focal length is perfect for a broad range of photography, from street scenes to landscapes. The built-in ND filter and digital teleconverter options extend your creative possibilities, allowing for greater exposure control and focal length versatility.

The X100VI also introduces an Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, ingeniously blending the clarity of an optical viewfinder with the versatility of an electronic one. This feature, alongside the Electronic Rangefinder function, provides a seamless manual focusing experience, enriched with real-time electronic overlays.

Embrace the allure of film with the X100VI’s extensive Film Simulation modes, including the new REALA ACE and 19 other iconic FUJIFILM presets. Whether you’re aiming for the classic look of monochrome or the vibrant tones of Eterna Cinema, these modes bring the timeless appeal of film into the digital age.

Seamless integration with Camera-to-Cloud technology allows for immediate cloud uploads via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, ensuring your creations are shared or reviewed without delay.

Encased in a compact, touch-friendly body that remains true to its predecessors, the X100VI is the embodiment of portability and durability. Its intuitive controls, weather-resistant potential, and comprehensive connectivity options underscore its status as the ultimate tool for photographers dedicated to capturing life’s fleeting beauty.

The FUJIFILM X100VI is not just a camera; it’s a gateway to seeing the world in a new light, making every shot an unforgettable exploration of the magical in the mundane.

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