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Savage Modmaster Octagonal Beauty Dish for Speedlights

Savage Modmaster Octagonal Beauty Dish for Speedlights


  • Includes Universal Speedlight Adapter
  • Remove Adapter and Use w/ Studio Strobe
  • Collapsible Design
  • Includes Fabric Grid
  • Removable Deflector Plate
  • Removable Front Diffuser
  • Silver Interior for Maximum Output
  • Optional Fabric Grid
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Savage Modmaster Octagonal Beauty Dish for Speedlights Overview

With a collapsible design that combines a softbox and a beauty dish that sets up and breaks down quickly, the Modmaster Octagonal Beauty Dish for Speedlights from Savage comes with an adapter that allows you to use your on-camera flash to create studio-quality lighting. Like most beauty dishes, this one has a central metal deflector. When you trigger your flash, the light hits the deflector first which spreads the light inside the high-output silver interior. The result is a signature soft but crisp quality of light that is popular with fashion, portrait and cosmetic shooters. A fabric grid is included to contain spill light and narrow the modifier’s beam spread to allow selective lighting of your subject. A versatile light-shaper, you can remove the speedlight adapter and mount the beauty dish directly on any studio strobe with the popular Bowens front accessory mount. Adapters are available for other strobes with other mounts.

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