Savage Umbrella Softbox Bounce

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  • Front Diffuser for Softbox Effect
  • Silver Interior with Black Backing
  • White Front Face Acts like Softbox


The Umbrella Softbox Bounce from Savage combines the flattering light of a softbox with the ease of setup/breakdown of an umbrella.

Combining the strengths of both light shapers, this umbrella has solid black exterior like a softbox, a high output silver interior, and a full front face diffuser. Also like a softbox the interior of the umbrella is hidden so as not to reflect the spokes and support system. Natural looking round catchlights in your subject’s eyes are another benefit of using the Umbrella Softbox Bounce. The Umbrella Softbox Bounce should be used up close where it exhibits a quality of light somewhere between a beauty dish and a standard softbox. Of course when it’s time to breakdown, you’ll be packed and on to your next job while others are still fumbling with their poles and speed rings.

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