CineStill Film F96 B&W+Bleach-Bypass Rapid Fixer (To Make 1L)

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  • Powder Rapid Fixer
  • Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution
  • For B&W Film or Paper
  • Suitable for Bleach-Bypass Color Film
  • Can Be Used Straight or Diluted 1:1

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Cinestill F96 is an ammonium thiosulfate solution that can be used as a rapid fixer for black and white films or for color films processed with a bleach-bypass method. This powder concentrate should be mixed with water to produce 1L of stock solution, which can then be further diluted if desired. When used at stock strength, approximately 24 rolls of film or 100 4 x 5″ sheets of film can be processed, and, when diluted, 80 sheets of 8 x 10″ RC paper or 40 sheets of 8 x 10″ FB paper can be processed. This concentrated formula is ideal for traditional cubic grain films and also well-suited for tabular grain B&W films and color films since it can quickly clear color dyes.


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