Lomochrome Redscale XR 120mm 3x 50-200 ISO

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  • Lomography Redscale Xr 50-200/120
  • Reverse-rolled color negative film
  • Strong red, yellow and orange cast
  • 120 format roll film
  • Pack of 3

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Produce dramatic red-, orange-, and yellow-toned photographs easily by using the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200/120 3-Pack. It is reverse-rolled to expose through the film’s base, rather than directly to the emulsion. This film offers an extended ISO sensitivity range of 50-200/18-24° for not just a greater latitude when shooting, but also for immense control over the red coloring effect. When exposed to an ISO range of 50/18°, the film exhibits a paler, yellow-orange hue to produce deep red tones. Whenever the film is exposed through the base, the conventional top blue layer is not completely exposed, and the bottom red layer filters the blue light from fully reaching the blue and green layers, thus resulting in a reddish appearance.


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